Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Set IP Network Public/Private In Win 10 With Powershell

Microsoft appears to have changed AGAIN where you change a network profile from Public to Private or the opposite. I just ran into this on a student laptop with WiFi issues.


The Powershell command set to switch it follows:


Public or Private network via Powershell:


"Open an administrator PowerShell by searching "powershell" in the start menu, right clicking it and selecting "Run as administrator", or by using the win+x shortcut and selecting "Windows PowerShell (Admin)"


Then in PowerShell type (or copy+paste)


Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name "put your network name here" -NetworkCategory Private


If you aren't sure, you can get the name of your network with




You can replace "Private" with "Public" to make a network public. This method changes the network type immediately, and does not require you to restart anything or even log out."

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